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Once again, do we really have to tell you what state this struggle occurred in? A Florida man shot himself in the arm, but didn’t realize he did so until three days later. 

Yes, this happened.

Reports WCTV:

A Florida man shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn’t realize it until three days later when he finally changed shirts and found a bullet hole.

An arrest report says Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies were called after 37-year-old Michael Blevins went to a hospital Saturday. Blevins told them he was cleaning a .22 caliber pistol on Thursday when he held it against his chest to keep his dog from jumping near it.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports as Blevins stood up, his back gave out and he fell. He says he heard a gunshot but didn’t feel pain from that, possibly because of medicine he takes for back pain.

How strong are those pain killers, bruh? Was he not bleeding up a storm.

So many questions. But one answer is clear—Florida.

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