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Photographer Cam Kirk is on a mission to litter Atlanta’s skyline with even more stars than it already has.

The man who is behind the lens that has given us some of Gucci Mane’s and Young Thug’s finest moments launched a Kickstarter campaign for his Day 4 Project that aims to put some of Atlanta’s hottest rappers on billboards throughout the city, using his photography.

He came up with the idea over a year ago, but halted on it after thinking that it may be too much to take on.

“It was a lot of factors that scared me out of doing it so quickly,” Cam Kirk tells, mentioning costs and planning. “But when I got off tour with Lil Wayne and Rae Sremmurd and heard about Bankroll Fresh’s passing, when I got home I wanted to do something for him. I wanted to do something in the city to pay my homage to him.”

Bankroll Fresh

The first billboard in the Day 4 exhibit is one featuring Bankroll Fresh. The billboard stands on the corner of 10th Street and Northside Drive, right in the middle of Atlanta’s West Midtown area where many of the recording studios that the city’s music is made.

Kirk has earned a reputation for taking pictures of just about every rapper and event in the city. He made headlines in 2015 in when he created the Trap God photo exhibit that featured art and pictures from his extensive catalog of exclusive Gucci Mane photos.


With the Day 4 project he will be using his catalog to feature up and coming acts and popular street rappers that he has followed for years. Where 2 Chainz’ Street Execs company has used billboards to promote their artists with spots in the hood, Cam Kirk plans on getting billboards in high traffic, popular and maybe even affluent neighborhoods.

“My plan is to spread them out and get people to explore the city and go out and find them,” says Kirk.

The first billboard was funded by Kirk and his friends, producers Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital and Southside of 808 Mafia. Kirk is using Kickstarter to expound upon that and raise money to put up more billboards throughout the city. The number of billboards and how long they stay up there depends on how much money is raised.

“If I raise $100,000, I’ll go as long as that will last,” says Kirk. “Right now the Kickstarter goal is set for $6,000, with that I can do three more billboards. If I get $10,000, I can do five more. Right now it’s about seeing what the city wants. The ball is in the people’s court.”

If the campaign is successfully funded, expect to see billboards featuring Young Thug, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin and more. Kirk says that he will end the outside exhibit with photos from more established artists like Future.

“My main goal is to shed light on those on the come up more than those who are established,” says Kirk.

Day 4 is entering it’s final week of funding. Rewards for donations range from T-shirts to Cam Kirk-directed music video. He directed Migo’s “Freak No More” video in case you’re wondering.

You can donate to the cause by visiting his Kickstarter page.

Photo: Cam Kirk