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In case you missed the memo, when Desiigner says “panda, panda, panda” he is talking about matching black and white BMW X6’s. The vehicle is heavily featured throughout the video.

As for the clip itself, the images are as hectic and scatterbrained as the song. The 18-year old Brooklyn is followed as he creeps down dark streets and alleys, sometimes with friends, other times alone. He comes across multiple crime scenes in his late night journey.

His main co-signer Kanye West, who also co-directed the video, begins to make his cameos halfway through, chauffeuring Desiigner around in one of the BMW X6’s.

While Desiigner continues to catch hell for sounding like Future on this song [and this song, and this song too], you can’t deny that he does carry a certain energy that translates well through the screen. He rarely makes direct eye contact with the camera but he still manages to get his energy out and connect.

View the clip here or above.