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Just when it seemed like Kevin Durant’s career was doomed thanks to the curse laid upon him by Lil B, it looks like there may be hope still for the OKC star to rid himself of the bad juju.

Just a week after KD’s Thunder choked away a 3-1 series lead to the Golden State Warriors, Lil B suggested on ESPN’s The Jump that the curse of the Based God can indeed be lifted if the Slim Reaper agrees to a friendly game of 21.

Yes, apparently it’s that simple.

Lil B wants nothing more than for KD to keep the promise he made for years ago and play him in a friendly game of one on one.

After laying curses upon the likes of KD ( who hasn’t won an NBA title) and James Harden (we’ve all seen how his career’s played out in Houston, though the Kardashian kurse might’ve had something to do with that, too), it may be in former’s best interests to play a quick game of 21. Also, it wouldn’t be that bad an idea to take one for the team and actually let him win.

Peep the clip of Lil B’s interview and let us know whether or not KD should play a pickup game with the Hip-Hop hex thrower.

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