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There are so many levels to the struggle in this story we know not where to begin. Okay, a 19-year-old man known as “Skittles” has been arrested for allegedly carjacking a 68-year-old woman in New Orleans back in January 2016. 


Detectives investigating a January carjacking outside Esplanade Mall in Kenner arrested a third suspect who had been known only as “Skittles,” according to authorities.

Terrance Perkins, 19, of New Orleans, was booked with conspiracy to commit carjacking, being a principal to carjacking and bring a principal to purse snatching, said Lt. Brian McGregor, spokesman for the Kenner Police Department.

Investigators linked Perkins to the Jan. 26 heist along with accused accomplices Dante Moore and Jada Davis, both 18 from New Orleans. Moore was the hands-on suspect who grabbed the purse of a 68-year-old woman as she got out of her Nissan 370z in the Kenner mall parking lot at 1401 Esplanade Ave., authorities said.

This part of the story goes out to those hanging on to that “stop snitching” jig. Read: Criminals stay snitching.

He drove off with her car but crashed it in the 3100 block of Helena Street in Kenner during a police pursuit. Moore confessed to the carjacking, telling detectives he planned the theft with Davis and man he knew only as “Skittles.”  The pair had promised to pay Moore $5,000 in exchange for a stolen car, according to authorities.

As for the levels of struggle…

One, it’s 2016, and and these cats are out here carjacking people.

Two, nothing good can come from pulling off a caper with a man who goes by the name Skittles.

Lastly, look at homie’s mugshot.

Skittle Perkins is currently being held on $125,000 bond.



Photo: JPSO

Photo: JPSO

Photo: JPSO