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Seems like we learn something new about Desiigner‘s “Panda” every other day. Now we know about these “broads” he claims to have.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine the teenaged Brooklyn rapper reveals the inspiration behind the infamous opening line “I got broads in Atlanta.” Come to find out, those “broads” happens to be one “broad” on the internet.

Per Billboard:

“I got broads in Atlanta,” the opening line to Desiigner’s Billboard Hot 100 No.¬†1 “Panda,” is simple, memorable, irresistible — and not totally true. “I’ve never been to Atlanta,” he admits sheepishly. Barely old enough to be called a millennial, the Brooklyn ¬≠rapper born Sidney Selby III, 19, cites a more prosaic ¬≠inspiration: a girl he met on Facebook. “We never met in person,” he says. “She just said she was from ATL, so I was like, ‘All right — I got broads in Atlanta.’ It’s real life, you feel me? I put real-life sh*t in my songs.”

Logic at its finest. To read more about Desiigner‘s life peep the entire Billboard interview here. To see more him in action continue reading to see his Genius interview with Rob Markman.

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