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Beef in Hip-Hop isn’t new, and sadly neither is murder as a result of said beef. A rising DMV-area rapper by the name of OG ManMan was killed over the weekend after releasing a rap video featuring him dissing his dead rival and other foes at a gravesite.

According to still developing reports, OG ManMan filmed a video for the track “Truth,” right atop the grave of an enemy he had in the area. In the clip, which was released earlier this spring, OG is seen aiming lines at rival’s C-Diddy’s grave and threatens to take out the rest of the crew. Several shots show a masked OG rapping with semi-automatic weapons in his hands along with several threats of violence and murder.

DC police say that a shooting that took place in the notorious southeast quadrant of the city on Sunday. Conflicting reports say that OG ManMan, real name Antonio Leach, was shot either in the afternoon or shortly after midnight that day. Leach was 23.

An interview done back in April with Cutthroat TV features OG explaining the reasoning for releasing the video and track. OG reveals that he slept with Big Flock’s girlfriend and grew tired of hearing his name being mentioned by his rival thus the vicious nature of the video. OG also had an ongoing feud with local rapper Big Flock, which was reportedly the inspiration for the “Truth” track.

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MPDC is asking that anyone with information contact them at (202) 727-9099. To remain anonymous text 50411.

UPDATE: We’ve made some changes to the original story. It appears the whole feud began with Big Flock and OG ManMan. C-Diddy aka Lil Chris was a friend of Big Flock’s, thus the reason why OG filmed the video at the gravesite. Police have yet to elaborate further on the murder of Leach.

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