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Post Malone‘s Hip-Hop pedigree has long been in question. After XXL‘s EIC Vanessa Satten claimed he didn’t make the annual Freshman cover because he was focusing on Rock and Country, now the alleged culture vulture claims it was actually because he was “tired.”

Malone took to Instagram to explain himself after many accused him of pulling a Kid Rock and using Hip-Hop to get popular before heading back to his non-Rap life.

In a letter he posted on Instagram, addressed to Satten, XXL and the Internet, he copped his pleas.

“My love of music shouldn’t ever be questioned. I shouldn’t be chastised for expressing myself in whichever way I see fit,” he wrote. “That being said, I never have once said that ‘I’m not going to  make hip hop anymore.’ I have a hip hop album coming out in August. I made a HIP HOP mixtape promoting my HIP HOP album.”

Malone went on to say that no matter what, he’s in it for the art and has no ulterior motives.

Fair enough, but his rationale for not being on the XXL cover when he was apparently asked to be a part of it is suspect.

“I didn’t want to do the cover because I was tired and didn’t want to take the 6 hour flight to NY,” he said. “From the horses mouth, no he said/she said. If you don’t like me, politely f*ck off.”

This is where we mention that Mr. Malone has yet to drop an album, so passing on magazine covers when you’re a new jack isn’t very prudent. And although touring with Justin Bieber was surely tiring, maybe he could have slept on the plane?

Also, claiming you’re Hip-Hop, among other things, and passing on being on the cover of one of the only Hip-Hop mags left in the game shows some highly questionable judgement.

After the white rapper was spotted using the N-word (he did say “sorry”) and dancing around in Daisy Dukes, you’d think staying in the good graces of the culture you insist you’re a part of by paying respect to its media outlets, and in turn its fans, should be a priority, no? Would he have been too tired for a Rolling Stone cover or Vogue interview?

Yes, A$AP Rocky, Drake and Nicki Minaj readily come to mind as current Hip-Hop stars that never graced the XXL Freshman cover. Do you really think Post Malone is in their league, though?


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