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If you grew up in the streets of New York during the 80s and 90s then you more than likely were aware of infamous legends such as Queens’ Supreme, Brooklyn’s 50 Cent (not the rapper), and of course, Harlem’s trio of Azie, Alpo and Rich Porter.

While each man was a myth in his own right, the story of the 3 Kings of Harlem was so compelling it inspired the hood classic film Paid In Full.

DJ Vlad recently dropped an exclusive interview with the film’s writer, Azie Faison, who recalls just how hectic things were during the kidnapping of Porter’s little brother, Porter jeopardizing the block business by working with the Feds in retrieving his baby brother and Alpo’s behavior after he murdered Porter for 30 birds.

Peep the interview to get familiar with a living street legend and if you haven’t seen Paid In Full yet and consider yourself an NYC Hip-Hopper, you’re lying to yourself.

Photo: screen cap