Desiigner just dropped his debut mixtape New English, his first collection of music since “Panda” came out this past Winter.

The title New English is definitely appropriate because he is rapping in a language that is not too familiar. While he does a great job at transferring his energy from the booth, through the speakers and into your ears, you are really going to have to listen hard to catch most of what he’s saying.

While Desiigner does still sound like Future on some of the songs, he does let another side of his voice and flow shine on songs like “Make It Out” “Da Day,” proving that he doesn’t have to sound like Future if he doesn’t want to.

Desiigner allows New English to be all about him only having two listed features with Pusha T on “Jet” and King Savage on “Zombie Walk.” The 14-track mixtape is fairly quick listen as some of the songs are lest than 1-minute.

Overall, Desiigner shows flashes of being able to step out of the Future shadow. He also displays different moods on the album letting you know that he can do more than scream “panda, panda, panda.” If he dares to step away from auto-tune and experiment with his voice like he did on his XXL Freshman freestyle he may be able to escape the one-hit wonder distinction that the world can’t wait to bestow upon him.

You can stream New English on TIDAL.

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