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Wendy Williams has had an opinion on everything since her days on radio, which isn’t wrong, necessarily.

But she also loves to stir the pot — remember that interview with Lil Kim decades ago? The one that had Faith looking for her? Right.

Everything shouldn’t be done in light of ratings but Williams has since moved onward and upward to network TV with her self-titled daytime talk show and on Wednesday (July 6) she proved that she’s still ’bout that life of incendiary conversations.

Williams sat on her platform which caters to millions and alluded the the very existence of the NAACP and HBCUs. She pondered this idea of the two aforementioned organizations being rooted in racism to an audience who seemed to collectively shift in their seats.

Williams suggested that there are no “historically white colleges,” as if there wasn’t a reason HBCUs had been created in the first place. As if #BeckyWithTheBadGrades wasn’t mad as hell that affirmative action even, is in place for people of color to have a chance at enrolling in those predominately white schools when she couldn’t and didn’t get in.

The nerve. And the truly terrible thing about this all is that Williams has a son who is now a young black man. In this  current climate, where black men can follow the rules and still be murdered in front of kids, her daytime conversations should have a little more depth. We’re wondering if this will make her former protege Charlamagne the God deem her Donkey of the Week.