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Suge Knight‘s murder trial continues to turn into one waiting for a Netflix film adaptation. Now his lawyers have claimed that the Los Angeles Police Department used an informant to drum up false evidence against him.

Huffington Post reports:

The informant told Knight’s lawyers that evidence exists, but has been intentionally withheld by law enforcement, that Knight was acting in self-defense when he killed one man and injured another with his truck in Compton, California, last year.

The bombshell allegations from Daniel Timms, who said he had worked on Knight’s case, could be a boon for Knight, who sits in jail awaiting trial on murder and attempted murder charges.

He told Knight’s legal team that he was ordered to provide false testimony in those cases as well, again by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Knight’s defense attorneys are putting their full weight behind Timms’ allegations, requesting formal investigations into his claims by California Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Knight’s lawyers are hoping that this discovery can lead to their client being exonerated of all charges and freed from jail.

As we all should know, informants aren’t the most reliable people in the world. They tend to tell on anybody and everybody, with true or false statements, just to make their situation better.

This is the latest twist in a case where we’ve heard everything from Dr. Dre be accused of setting Knight up get shot and killed in 2014. This is the same shooting that Knight recently claimed Chris Brown was partially responsible for since it was at his party. Knight has filed a lawsuit against Brown for the shooting and even went as far as to call him a “known gang associate.”

Let’s not forget that Knight has also claimed to have a brain tumor or the time he showed up to court in a wheelchair.

Like we said, this is a Netflix movie waiting to happen.