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ScHoolboy Q’s clarifies what he meant when he said “all lives matter” on the song “Black THougHts” from his new Blank Face LP album.

ScHoolboy Q’s Blank Face LP album came out last Friday [July 8] and dropped during the hottest week of the year, literally and figuratively. The sun was out and so were the police’s guns as a we saw two men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile get shot and killed by cops on video two days in a row. That was followed by the Dallas sniper cop shooting.

Naturally, Q said he felt “f*cked up” that his album album had to drop at such a tumultuous time.

Now a week after it dropped people have had a chance to digest it and one of the first morsels people are chomping on comes from the track “Black THougHts” where Q raps:

Let’s put the rags down and raise our kids

Let’s put the guns down and blaze a spliff

Let’s do it now, ain’t no buts or ifs

It took a Blood to get me Pringle chips

You can learn to fly or take the ladder

Real nigga shit, all lives matter, both sides

All Lives Matter” has essentially become fighting words in the midst of all of the racial tension and civil unrest going on in America right now. The phrase has typically been attached to people who are either straight up against or confused about the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s also become so taboo that celebrities have been getting dragged on Twitter for saying it out loud, with many of them either apologizing for saying it or trying to erase it from the internet.

So, as soon as fans heard these words come out of Q’s mouth, they went for his neck. Being the G that he is though, Q responded and clarified what he meant when he said it.

On Twitter he wrote:

Da song is about bloods & crips… Reason I said BOTH SIDEs AT da end… All lives meaning all blood and crip lives

The artist also known as Groovy Q is currently out on his Pit Stops tour. Continue reading to see the remaining dates.

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