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So. R&B singer Kelly Price is “very angry” that she was confronted by gospel concert promoters after she sang the infamous mistress anthem “As We Lay” at their event. Yep.

In case you missed that, Kelly Price sang a song about a woman laying in bed with a married man who is not her husband at a gospel concert.

Price says that she was invited to sing “her music” not “gospel music” in a gospel showcase at the Black Expo in Indianapolis. So she figured it would be a spectacular idea to perform the pro-infidelity song. She says that after she was done performing that one of the organizers approached her and let her know that she didn’t appreciate that at all.

Price says:

“After I got off the stage, the lady who was the MC followed behind me and she felt it was necessary to make some comments that indicated to a degree that my performance was inappropriate.”

Granted, not every gospel music fan is a bible thumper, but the Black Expo lady does kind of have a point right?

Singer Rico Love has since come out to defend Price saying that she did not know that it was the gospel part of the show and that he was the one that got her invited.

In case you are completely lost on why this is a thing, the song is a classic in many circles that first rose to popularity when Shirley Murdock made the hit in 1986. Price remade the song on her 2000 album Mirror, Mirror.

It has since become one of the highlights of Price’s show. So, it’s understandable for her to assume the a crowd would want to hear it. But at a gospel show? No, the Price is not right in this regard.

Continue reading to see the video of the crime and some of the reactions Twitter had to offer.

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