Authorities in Long Island, New York have arrested a man for allegedly punching a toddler in the chest and killing him.

According to reports, Pedro Jones punched his girlfriend’s son, Roy Jones, in the chest so hard that it caused the 17-month-old toddler to go into cardiac arrest.

Although the toddler was not moving, Police state that it was not Jones who called 911, but a third party after noticing that the child was limp.

When authorities questioned Jones about what happened, Jones states that he “was trying to make the little boy tough” and that he punched him so that he would “stop acting like a girl.”

Although the child shares the man’s last name, the toddler was not his child. Police state that Jones reportedly said that he “loved the little man” and that “one bad decision is costing him twenty years.”

Police have charged Jones with first degree manslaughter and child endangerment. Reports also state that prosecutors are seeking to add the charge of a hate crime to the list.

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