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Rising rapper and inmate #381600836 at the Broward County Jail in Florida, Kodak Black has ruffled the feathers of women in Hip Hop and media with lyrics dissing darkskinned women.

Video footage of Kodak Black, who has been locked up since May, began circling the web this past weekend. The brief clip has Black pretty much rapping a 2016 version of Sheriff Bart’s infamous “Where the white women at” line from the 1974 film Blazing Saddles.

In the clip, Black can be seen and heard rapping about his preferred shade of women.

The lyrics go:

“Where them yellow bones? / I don’t want no Black b*tch / I’m already Black / Don’t need no Black b*tch.”

For the rest of the song Kodak also raps about blowing stacks at Saks Fifth Avenue, having to pay lawyers to keep him out of jail and also getting women pregnant before he gets locked up so that he can have a child who knows that he father was a G.

Of course, the “black b*tch” part got the most attention and online outrage and think pieces followed. Continue reading to see how many feelings the Hip Hop heartthrob hurt with this revelation.

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