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After a few weeks of inactivity, Gilbert Arenas just put himself back in the running to be Jack*ss Of The Year. His latest stunt has him yelling about “b*tches and h*es” as his friend Nick Young  is on the phone trying to get his ex-fiancé Iggy Azalea back. 

According to Arenas’ Snapchat, Nick Young was in contact with Iggy recently. As the two of them were on the phone, Arenas adopted the role of devil on the left shoulder and began yelling some rather obnoxious things loud enough for both Swaggy P and Iggy to hear. Well, the comments were more than obnoxious, they were just straight up flagrant.

The 34-year old father of four can be heard saying:

What you and Iggy talking about? C’mon, n*gga! We got sh*t to do! We got b*tches to f*ck! We got h*es to get!

Arenas is becoming known more for his online antics than for the three-year run when he was one of the best players in the NBA, 10 years ago. He has clowned Young multiple times for his personal life issues, and even went as far to blame Iggy for Young cheating on her.

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