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Ryan Lochte, the new poster child for white privilege and douchebag Americans is still lying. His interview with the Today show earned him no points while one of his sponsors, Speedo, has dropped him like a bad habit. 

On NBC’s Today, the same outlet that was complicit in not verifying Lochte’s suspect robbery story, the swimmer tried to explain the jig, and failed. Homie’s eyes were red and he was sniffling, but you didn’t see any tears, and said he was sorry he “exaggerated” his story.  This is despite saying he had a gun put to his head and was robbed—all of which never happened—which makes him a liar.

“It was immature. It was childish,” said Lochte. “I take full responsibility for everything.”

After you got caught.

As for the people of Rio he basically slandered, he add, “They put on a great Games. They did everything. And my immature, intoxicated behavior tarnished that a little.”

Ya think?!

As for Speedo, the company  issued a statement getting Lochte all the way out of the paint (ahem…pool?).

“While we have enjoyed a winning relationship with Ryan for over a decade and he has been an important member of the Speedo team, we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for,” reads part of statement, with Speedo also mentioning it donate part of Lochte’s fee Save The Children.

See more of Lochte’s struggle on the flip.


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