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Who killed Pablo? Was it the Cali Cartel? Los Pepes? The DEA? Suge Knight? You won’t have to wait much longer to find out as the September 2 release of the second season of Narcos is only a few weeks away and it’s latest trailer promises all the blood and violence that made the Medellin Cartel the stuff of legends.

No longer flying under the radar, Pablo Escobar is on the run after breaking out of his own jail and there’s no shortage of soldiers looking to pump him full of lead. Leaving no stone unturned, there’s a few different groups hot on his trail and looking to make an example out of Boston George’s connect for their own personal purposes.

Expect lots of bullets, drug use, and enough tough situations to inspire many a rap metaphors in this upcoming season of the Netflix hit series, Narcos.

Photo: screen cap