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19-year old “brand” Lil Yachty has said something to make Hip Hop fans over the age of 30 mad, again. The self-proclaimed “King Of Teens” said that he couldn’t name five 2Pac or Biggie songs and all hell broke loose.

To be fair, the quote in question comes from an interview he did with Billboard magazine. The writer, Chris Martins wrote that Yachty said he couldn’t name five songs from the iconic Hip-Hop artists.

Read the blurb for yourself below:

“My whole vibe is different” from other rappers, says Lil Yachty. This is an ­understatement coming from a boat-obsessed, straight-edge 19-year-old from the ‘burbs who admits that he “honestly couldn’t name five songs” by hip-hop heroes Tupac and Biggie. “But if I’m doing this my way and making all this money,” he reasonably inquires, “why should I do it how everybody says it’s supposed to be done?”

The quote itself is chopped up and slipped into what Martins is trying to say about Yachty. Who knows if that’s what Yachty actually said himself.

Yachty took to Twitter to clear up what he said, or at least try to debunk the headlines inferring that he doesn’t know any 2Pac or Biggie songs.

This isn’t the first time Yachty has come off as aloof or disrespectful of the Hip-Hop artists that came before him. There is video circulating of him doing another interview where he says that Hip-Hop is different now and that “nobody raps like Scarface anymore.” Many heard that and took it as a shot at the legendary rapper. But all he was really saying was just that: rap is different now, kids his age don’t rap like the people who grew up listening to Scarface.

Yatchy has said numerous times that he doesn’t consider himself a “rapper.” His detractors keep saying that he isn’t “Hip-Hop.” So, why should “Hip-Hop” people be mad that a kid who does not call himself a rapper doesn’t know five 2Pac or Biggie songs?

While some may be afraid to admit it, there’s a strong chance the someone that you know and love, who likes rap music too, can’t name five 2Pac or Biggie song either.

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