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The usually soft-spoken Derrick Rose might have said the wrong thing during his testimony in trial where he is being sued for taking part in a gang rape.

More than a few eyebrows were raised when former NBA MVP Derrick Rose was accused of taking part in a rape and then sued for damages in April 2015. Rose, the other men accused and their lawyers have claimed that the sex between the accuser and their clients was consensual. But now, more details are coming out about the night in question and things are looking and sounding pretty suspect.

To catch you up on what reportedly happened, Rose hosted a party at his rental home in California and sent a driver to pick up the accuser [she is going by Jane Doe] and a friend for the party. The driver arrived very late and the two women passed the time drinking while waiting. They drank more when they arrived at Rose’s home.

When the party ended, the two women went back home and started texting back and forth with Rose and two friends. The conversation led to Rose and company coming to Doe’s house where sex happened. No one is denying the sex, but the consent is what is up for grabs. Toxicologists have stated that the woman was indeed drunk, and she claims that she doesn’t even remember what happened. The only thing she can recall is that she woke up with lubricant inside her, saw blood and a used condom next to her.

Rose, who knows the woman and tried to get the case thrown out by portraying her as a freak, has testified in the case and transcripts are showing some pretty “rapey” statements being made.

“There’s nothing to talk about” is probably the last thing you want to say in a court case where you are being accused of rape. The fact that he said, “we men, you can assume” make it sounds like he and his friends were coming for sex and were going to get it one way or another.

Think Progress has some more disturbing facts from the case here. It’s not looking or sounding too good.

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