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Last year Cam Newton was the pride and joy of Black people everywhere. But ever since he lost the Super Bowl, he’s given the Black congregation no reasons to ride for him.

In 2016 Newton has tried his best to play the “can’t we all just get along” role as racial tensions have increased in America. He’s made comments like “we’re all the same color” and that America has moved beyond racism.

While his status in the Black community was already on the lower end of the totem pole, he has all but guaranteed his spot at the absolute bottom with his latest comments about Colin Kaepernick.

Internet meme makers had a field day with images of him and Kaepernnick that were taken after Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panther and San Francisco 49ers.

Cam saw your memes and felt compelled to respond. Earlier this afternoon Cam and his Wingding font keyboard told the world to stop trying to put Cam and Kap against each.

We hear you, cool.

He then commended Kapernick on his actions.

Ok man, we feel you!

But then Cam had to put on his tap dancing shoes again and go into long diatribe about how everybody has differences, Black people need to police themselves before the police stops killing us.

This “Black people need to be accountable” press conference didn’t help either.

Twitter was not impressed. Guess it’s too much to ask to have both him and Jerry Rice back in the house at the same time.

Photo: Cam Newton’s Instagram

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