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Poor Royalty. Her mom and dad have been beefed out since the beginning and there she is — stuck in the middle.

Within the past 24 hours, Chris Brown has reacted to having to play host to the Department of Family and Child Services as a result of that recent gun charge. He felt that Royalty’s mom, Nia Guzman, was still resentful and had a hand in the government agency paying a visit. Then he reacted. Endlessly. Especially once Guzman caught him talking reckless on the ‘Gram.

Brown reacted then Guzman went in, claiming that he had drug issues and had placed their daughter in situations at home not fit for a child. He responded by outing her alleged involvement in moving weight for her incarcerated father.

And within all this, all we can think is: how can anyone be this mad with someone they chose to lay down with? Seriously. They have like, 15 years left to deal with each other.

Anyway, J Prince then jumped in, called him a ‘dope fiend’ and invited Breezy to catch this beatdown for dry snitching on Guzman and uttering the name of his brother Jas. Which is nuts because Jas was with Guzman before Royalty came along and he even came to one of her birthday parties.


Just petty.

Brown replied with the ‘cry laughing’ emoji.

We may not know all the details but the singer had better tread carefully. Everyone ain’t with the online back-and-forth and he has a little girl to raise.