The talents of Dave East aren’t exactly a secret thanks to a Nas co-sign and serious bars. Now even more people will become aware as the Harlem rapper revealed that he signed a deal with Def Jam Records. 

“I just did a joint venture with Def Jam,” he nonchalantly told The Breakfast Club.

No worries, Dave East is still very much down with Mass Appeal Records, too.

He added, “It wasn’t the average me just signing to a major. I’m actually partners with them. Mass Appeal is still the family. Nas is still going to be able to executive produce my album. It was just a step forward for me. I was with Mass Appeal solely for almost two years. Nas really introduced the world to me, a lot of people to me. So that was ideal as far as me first coming in. But it’s at a time now where a machine really helps what I’m trying to do, especially being from New York and not trying to stay in New York. I’m not trying to be underground or classified as a certain type of dude so I feel like this was a good move to really get what I’m trying to do, my brand, my movement, across the world.”

We can’t co-sign Dave rocking a Cowboys jersey while being a Giants fan, though.

Dave East’s new project, Kairi Chanel, name after his daughter, is due out this Friday (Sept. 29). When the proper album drops, Nas will service as its executive producer.

Photo: Power 105

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