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Chief Keef is tired of today’s rappers spending their money on Loréal products and is going to hair-shame them into submission. At one of his most recent concerts, Sosa went off on rappers with “colored hair” for getting into “all that gay-ass sh*t.”

At Wednesday nigh’st show in at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California, Chief Keef took a break from his set to make a public service announcement to a few specific rappers. “All these fa**ot-ass ni**as rappin’ today? Shakin’ they booties and all that g*y-ass sh*t? Until 2017, that’s how long they got. On my kids blood!”

Damn! We wonder what got Sosa all in a teezy, but one things for certain, if your wig piece isn’t all au naturale, Keef’s coming for you.

“All these fa**ot ass blonde head, pecan, orange – let em finish shaking they ass. They can finish shaking booties. All that fa**ot ass sh*t is ending in 2017. I swear on my dead homies. I finna come back and go crazy!”

It’s obvious he’s talking about Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, but lets just hope he doesn’t take his fight to Odell Backham Jr. too because the last thing the embattled NFL superstar needs right now is a rap beef, too. The Giants still got a chance at getting in the playoffs for God’s sake.

Check the clip below and hit the flip to see Mama Keef join in on the slander with a post on her IG page.


Photo: Instagram

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