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Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s best players, and is pretty much a lock for the hall of fame even if he never nabs a championship. However, Melo apparently takes being ranked as just the 15th best player in the NBA as a “you played yaself” decision. 

This isn’t conjecture, the New York Knicks small forward took to SLAM‘s Instagram to comment on the slight.


“don’t play yaself,” wrote Melo.

Needless to say once that was spotted, all hell broke loose in SLAM‘s mentions. Then Melo went the extra Mile and said all credibility for the mag was lost in his eyes. C’mon son.

As the proper write up shows, the lowest Melo was ever ranked on the yearly Top 50 list, besides this year, was no. 13 last year, and the highest was No. 4 in 2013.

Was the mag’s credibility all good, then? Being on a bum Knicks squad (no shots, but shots) the past couple of year didn’t help his case either.

For those who can see the arena past the courtside seats, this means SLAM won. And hey, if it means Melo uses it as motivation throughout the season, the Knicks won, too.


Photo: SLAM

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