Eminem and the Jigga Man are the latest artists added to Activision’s all-star lineup for the “DJ Hero” video game. The duo of Eminem and Jay will lend exclusive songs to a two-CD pack only available with the special edition of the game titled “DJ Hero: Renegade Edition.” Gamers who purchase the special edition will also receive the special “Renegade” turntable controller and a carrying case that also serves as a DJ stand.

“DJ Hero” hits stores in October. In the sequel to “Guitar Hero,” fans can use turntables to master mixes from the likes of DJ AM, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Shadow and the newly added DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Eminem and Jay have both been in recent headlines. Em for his “Warning” diss track to Mariah Carey where he gives details on their sexual encounters and threatens to release less than flattering pictures of the star, and Jay for his upcoming release of the Blueprint III and book “Decoded.” In his new book he explains lyrics to various tracks for his fans, decoding their double meanings. The Blueprint III will be released on September 11.

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