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Does trap producer/church organist Zaytoven like working with Gucci Mane high or sober? The answer may surprise you.

Zaytoven has been Gucci Mane‘s go to producer ever since they both got put on the map with their hit song “So Icy” featuring [Young] Jeezy. But a lot has changed since 2005.

Zaytoven has been present for the duration of Gucci’s up-and-down roller coaster of a career. He was there when he rose to superstardom, went to jail, got out of jail, battled drug addiction, went back to jail and came out clean and sober.

Fans have been debating if the new clean Gucci is better than the old drugged out Gucci. So far, it seems like fans like them both the same. But which one does Zaytoven, the man behind so many of his most memorable songs feel about the difference?

Check out the video above as he tells Combat Jack which one he prefers and the difference between the two.

Photo: Instagram