Run The Jewels is one of the few Hip-Hop acts that have the words people want and need to hear in times like this.

As some of the country is still licking its wounds from the L they took with Donald Trump being elected President, Run The Jewels arrives with a timely track they swear the wrote months ago.

“2100” offers solutions to listeners who feel lost right now. It’s telling to how connected RTJ is to their fanbase as they wrote the song months ahead of November 8, but it still manages to hit home in the aftermath of the election.

“For our friends. for our family. For everyone who is hurting or scared right now. Here is a song we wrote months ago,” said the group via a note attached to the song on Soundcloud. “We weren’t planning on releasing it yet but… well it feels right, now. It’s about fear and its about love and its about wanting more for all of us. It’s called 2100. We hope it finds you well.”

Sentiments aside, the song is dope as expected. El and Mike both shine on the apocalyptic beat with the latter rapping about enjoying the finer things in life like smoking kush and making love, but also paying attention to reality and “oiling my kalashnikov in case sh*t gets the popping off.”

The timing of the song also comes perfectly with Killer Mike‘s recent appearance on The Real. Click over to hear him offer his thoughts on how a Trump presidency happened and what it means for the people who didn’t vote for him.


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