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Childish Gambino finally gives us some concrete news on his new album.

Rumors and anticipation around a new Childish Gambino album have been swirling around since this past summer and we now actually have something to look forward to.

In the midst of people looking under every rock on the internet for how to feel about Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election, Childish released the cover art and title for this upcoming album.

…Awaken, My Love! Will be Gambino’s third solo album. It comes three years after his last effort, Because The Internet, and almost immediately after the conclusion of Gambino’s [real name: Donald Glover] first season of Atlanta. Glover was also named as a co-star in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Television, music and film? Glover has established himself as a triple threat in what has been an awesome 2016 for him.

According to an image of a FYE billboard floating around on the internet, the album is slated to drop on Dec. 2, less than a month from now.

What do you think of the album cover? It offers so much to look at up close and from far away. From a far it appears that the image is a glowing halo of sorts, while up close the dark skin of the featured face is what’s actually glowing. Which isn’t supposed to be possible, is it? On top of that, when paired with the title, we can imagine that the face represents someone who has either been awake to the point they no longer need their eyes to see or someone who is actually blind to what’s going on and being asked to “awake, my love.”

How do you interpret the cover?


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