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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s divorce has been settled and more details about their arrangement are being revealed. There are some interesting tidbits for the curious, including how much money they make individually and who pays for what regarding child care. 

Reports TMZ:

TMZ has learned Mariah and Nick Cannon struck a settlement in their divorce, and they both declared income for 2014. We’ve learned Mariah says she raked in $6.3 million, and Nick scored $2.7 mil.   

As we reported, Mariah has demanded $50 mil from billionaire James Packer after their engagement exploded … that’s 8 times what she made 2 years ago.

We’ve also learned the settlement requires Nick to squirrel away money for the twins, but maybe not as much as you think … $5k a month in a trust. Mariah doesn’t have to put anything in the trust. 

And there’s this. The settlement says neither Mariah nor Nick can allow the kids to address a new significant other as mom, dad, mommy, daddy, father, mother or any facsimile thereof. 

Also worth noting, Carey has to sign over the Ferrari to Cannon.

Sounds like a win win for everyone involved.


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