Nick Grant has been rapping his ass off, have you been listening?

Most of you already know how dope Nick Grant is and has been since he stormed on the scene late last year with his freestyle on Sway In The Morning. His ’88 mixtape that dropped back in February still stands as one the best releases this year and the number of singles he’s dropped since then were dope too.

But, in the last 30 days Grant has taken it up a notch showing that he can be a rapper who can drop music fast enough to trend online, as well as craft songs that will live forever.

Exhibit A: +ONE

When Solange‘s A Seat At The Table album dropped, it was so dope that many started wondering who was going to be the first rapper to have the audacity to rap over the instrumentals and f*ck it up for everybody. We won’t name any names, but there were a few people who stepped up only to let us down. However, Grant went the extra mile and selected a handful of songs that he felt inspired to jump on and you could hear how serious he took it. On +ONE Grant rapped over the repurposed beats with purpose and concepts, instead of just jumping on a beat and talking about whatever.

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