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2020 Presidential hopeful Kanye West just guaranteed that he lost the Black vote with his support of Donald Trump.

Before we start, does anybody know what happened to this guy?


Kanye has said some crazy things, and sometimes he’s made sense. But him admitting that he would have voted for Donald Trump, had he voted at all [which he didn’t] has everybody scratching their heads. On top of that, after claiming that the fashion industry was racist a couple of years ago, he’s also saying that Black people should stop talking about race so much.

Should we be surprised though? After all, this is the same guy who had the Confederate flag on his tour merch not too long ago.

People are allowed to evolved and change their minds. But, they are also allowed to shut up too. Kanye should probably consider the latter.

Anyways, people already roasting Kanye before they’ve eaten their breakfast. Here’s what people are saying.


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