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Ex-manager Claims YouTube Video Proves Lil Wayne Lied Under Oath

Young Money CEO Lil’ Wayne is finding himself back in legal trouble, this time not for criminal charges but a civil case that could cost him millions.

In a lawsuit filed by Lil’ Wayne’s former manager Melissa Philipian and the White Tides Entertainment Group, Wayne has stiffed them out of their rightful percentage from the $200 million he eared while a client.

Although this case was settled in 2006 out of court for $375,000 after Lil’ Wayne accused the company of forging his signature and disputed having a contract with White Tides, Philipian claims that new evidence has surfaced in a YouTube video that shows the rapper lied under oath.

The video, which is allegedly an old interview with Lil Wayne, documents Weezy discussing his professional relationship with Philipian.

The video not only allegedly acknowledges her as his manager, but also documents him saying she was the best thing that had happened to his career. He then allegedly goes through a laundry list of accomplishments that Philipian achieved on his behalf.

Philipian believes this is proof that Lil Wayne lied and deprived her of her share of his $200 million in earnings. She’s now claiming millions of dollars in damages.

In the complaint filed in Florida District Court, Lil Wayne blacklisted Philipian in the industry, telling associates and others to stop doing business with her. She alleges that after the settlement was signed, the rapper spread lies that Philipian stole money from him and filed her original lawsuit as an extortion scam.

According to Philipian, her proof in the matter came last year when she signed a new artist, Tyga, to her roster of clients. Allegedly, Philipian advanced him $7,000, but Tyga refused to work with her after being told by Lil Wayne that he “would not do business with anyone who does business with Philipian.”