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If someone out there were writing the Hip-Hop Bible, 2016 would be titled Revelations. In the same year that we found out that Anthony Mason was the Knick star that Biggie told a story about and Dr. Dre was allegedly blessing Miche’le with the original “beats” amongst other things, Diddy has now dropped a bombshell on the Hip-Hop world saying that Suge Knight’s infamous 1995 Source Awards speech was directed at none other than Jermaine Dupri.

Sitting down with Noreaga for his Drink Champs podcast, Diddy revealed that he actually stepped to Suge Knight after The Source Awards at infamous 90’s NYC nightclub The Tunnel and asked him what the speech was all about.

“He said ‘Nah, I was talkin’ about Jermaine Dupri.’”

Why wasn’t this scene shot for Notorious?!

While it’s hard to imagine Suge Knight coppin’ a plea of sorts in the mid 90’s when Death Row Records was probably the hardest record label in the business, one can understand how he could’ve decided to play it safe given the circumstances. At the time Bad Boy was running New York and a visibly tipsy Diddy admits, “At that point I was scared because I know the wolves that were with me were real live wolves.” And all he had to do was give the word for them to get to chomping.

Interestingly enough, Puff also says that before the whole Source Awards drama, he and Suge Knight were actually cool and Suge would “pick me up from the airport – the whole entire thing.”

Check the interview below and go back in time with Suge’s speech under that while you’re at it. You think Puff keeping it 1000? Let us know.

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