Be wary of invited strangers from Snapchat into your crib. An Atlanta man was robbed and sexually assaulted after letting a woman, and her friend, into his home, only to have a pair of men but in after them and ransack the place.

Yeah, this story is as crazy as that headline. It went down on Nov. 22 in Fulton County, GA, but the police report was just made available on Wednesday (Nov. 30).

Reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“The victim stated that he was talking to a female by the name of Jasmine on Snapchat,” police wrote in the report. He told police he knew Jasmine from a party, but police weren’t sure how she knew the man lived on Shell Drive.

Jasmine showed up with another woman and asked if her friend could use the restroom. The man let the two women inside and went upstairs to get his phone.

That’s when two men entered through the front door with guns.

A man described as 5 feet, 11 inches tall with a stocky build had a shotgun, while the second man had a handgun.

“The victim stated that the subject with the shotgun pointed the weapon at him, struck the victim in the face and forced the victim upstairs into his room,” police wrote in the report.

After sexually assaulting the man and threatening him, the suspect with a shotgun asked about money as the man with the handgun ransacked the house, according to the report. The victim said there was money in a car in the garage and in a car parked at the curb. The suspect took the keys to the cars and the victim tried to get out of the house.

When the suspect with a shotgun caught the resident at the back door, he hit him with the shotgun and choked him, the report said.

But, the struggle continues.

Reportedly one of the suspects yelled that the cops were outside and ran off. That’s when the victim grabbed his own gun, and ran outside licking off shots.

The suspect with the shotgun aimed at the victim, but the firearm malfunctioned.

The cops are looking for the woman in the picture below.



Photo: Fulton County PD