Tyga and 21 Savage

You just knew this was going to happen—thanks to those damn Kardashians. Tyga and 21 Savage are beefing over Kylie Jenner, naturally. 

21 Savage has long been coveting Tyga’s girlfriend, recently telling TMZ cameras he’d “tear that ass up,” despite the fact that, ya know, she has a boyfriend.

Now the two rappers have graduated to taking direct shots at each other.

T-Raww dropped a subliminal, via Instagram. Yeah, that’s Tyga in a Ferrari with Kylie riding shotgun (remember: Drake gifted 21 Savage a Ferrari) with that shady caption—”Selling records being you, but still you want to be me.”

Tyga and 21 Savage

21 Savage responded in kind by posting another pic of Kylie, and quoting his buddy Drake.

Tyga and 21 Savage

Last night, 21 Savage called Tyga out by name while on stage (see on the flip.)

Also, Tyga seems to have penned a diss song over 21’s “No Heart.” The struggle is about to get real.

For 21 Savage, there are no points to gain from battling Tyga, on record or physically. Just saying.

Peep more of the back and forth, including a shout out from Meek Mill, on the following pages.


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