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Remember when Cam Newton was the apple of any righteous football fans eye? What a difference a season makes—Cam got benched this Sunday because he broke the team’s dress code.

The QB’s violation was not wearing a tie.

The reason, the purest of struggle.

Reports Yahoo! Sports:

Newton was benched for the first series of Sunday night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks for a dress-code violation. Panthers coach Ron Rivera wouldn’t get into details, but Newton said it was because he didn’t wear a tie on the team’s flight to Seattle.

“I didn’t follow the dress code and coach told me that I wasn’t going to start,” Newton said in his press conference, which was broadcast live on ESPN. “I stand by his decision. The position that he’s in, I follow it, hand to hand.”

Newton came dressed to the post-game press conference apparently how he was dressed for the flight, looking sharp in a black shirt, overcoat and hat (it was nothing as outlandish as some of his previous post-game outfits). But when he came to get on the team flight, he realized that he wasn’t wearing a button-up shirt that you could wear a tie with.

“There were a lot of ties I was given, but I can’t wear a tie with this,” said Newton, who patiently answered questions about the dress-code violation. “We discussed it internally, me and coach, we got on the same page. I feel as if I wore a similar outfit like this before and nothing was done. But he has rules in place and we have to abide by them. No person is greater than the next person and it is what it is.”

Hey, if he broke the rules, he broke the rules—and Cam copped to it being his own fault in the post-gram presser (see above).

But wait, why didn’t he get benched for all those other outfits? Just saying.

Oh yeah, the Panther lost to Seattle, 40-7.

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