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It’s hard out here for a kid trying to flip some coveted streetwear. A Stuyvesant high school teen was allegedly stabbed after trying to sell a woman Supreme and A Bathing Ape hoodies through a sale brokered via Facebook. 

By the details, the victim got set up to get wet up. Considering the thirst for Supreme hoodies (at least YMBape is on chill), where was your crew, homie?

Reports the New York Daily News:

The 17-year-old victim arranged to sell A Bathing Ape and Supreme designer hoodies to a woman he met on Facebook’s online marketplace, his friends told the Daily News.

He arranged to meet the buyer, who went by “Jessica,” at a skatepark inside Hudson River Park near N. Moore St. at 4:30 p.m., his friends said.

The goods retail for $3,000, but the victim had agreed to sell them for $1,500, his friends said.

But “Jessica” arrived with two hulking men in ski masks, police sources said.

The jux was on, the thieves grabbed the hoodies and stabbed the kid in the leg for his trouble.

The victim was taken to Bellevue hospital.



Photo: Supreme