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Although groups like the KKK and other white racist groups promote themselves as white supremacists, they no longer want to be associated with the label. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, these groups insist that they’re only trying to preserve their race.

The Associated Press reports:

Claiming the Klan isn’t white supremacist flies in the face of its very nature. The Klan’s official rulebook, the Kloran – published in 1915 and still followed by many groups – says the organization “shall ever be true in the faithful maintenance of White Supremacy,” even capitalizing the term for emphasis. Watchdog groups also consider the Klan a white supremacist organization, and experts say the groups’ denials are probably linked to efforts to make their racism more palatable.

Still, KKK groups today typically renounce the term. The same goes for extremists including members of the self-proclaimed “alt-right,” an extreme branch of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.

“We are white separatists, just as Yahweh in the Bible told us to be. Separate yourself from other nations. Do not intermix and mongrelize your seed,” said one of the Klansmen who spoke along the muddy lane.

The AP spoke to Klan members at a pro-Donald Trump rally in a small North Carolina town that borders Virginia to the north. Even the leaders of, an infamous base for white supremacists, are pushing back at the title. Don Black, who heads Stormfront, says he and others of his ilk prefer the term “white nationalist.”

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