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Yet another wild creation from the mind of Mr. CeeLo Green.

This past weekend we were introduced to Gnarly Davidson by way of a CeeLo Green explaining video footage of him having a cell phone explode on the side of his head. He said that the video was not “real” but rather a skit for a promotional video for new character he was developing named Gnarly Davidson.

Apparently, the video leaked or got out before they were actually ready to use it, so now, it looks like CeeLo is getting ahead of the problem by dropping the new music he was talking about right now.

Or, it was just a set-up from jump. Either way, Gnarly Davidson has dropped his first single, “F*ck Me, I’m Famous.”

As we all know, this isn’t the first time CeeLo has dropped the F-bomb in one of his singles. His 2010 hit “F*ck You” went on to be a global hit, perhaps the biggest of his career. The jury is going to be deliberating for a while to see if this song meets the same fate.

Here, Gnarly Davidson is presented as a pint-sized CeeLo doppelganger with Mr. Green himself in the background blurred out. The song borrows from Lipps, Inc. disco hit “Funkytown.” Judging from the lyrics Gnarly is an egotistical but confused gentleman who believes that he should be entitled to certain things given his status, sex in particular.

“Davidson” gave Complex a statement explaining what all we should be expecting from him:

“In the words of Iggy Pop, and I quote…Look out honey cause I’m using technology…Ain’t got time to make no apology,” he says. “Well in that case I may as well be called TECHNOLOJESUS !!! But you can call me GNARLY DAVIDSON FOR SHORT. My disciples will dance and worship the sound I talk on. You see? Audacity is the first instinct of art itself and with a lil’ jolt of juxtaposition the flat line will again become a vital sign FOR I HAVE GIVEN LIFE to living dead. Soon and very soon… IM GOING TO BE FAMOUS! F*CK ME.”

The song isn’t quite some of us were hoping for when we saw CeeLo in the studio responding to our hopes to hear him rap more often. Also, not trying to be funny here, this may not be the best comeback song to be dropping a couple years after being accused of slipping stuff in people’s drinks. There a thin line between genius and insanity and the man who gave us “Crazy” seems to be tiptoeing that line.

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