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A Chicago teen thought it was too cold to wait outside for the bus, so he stole a car because it was already warmed up.

NBC News 5 in Chicago reports that 18-year old Eduardo Rivera stands accused of stealing a car he saw parked on the street near his home on the 2300 block of North Austin Avenue earlier this month. According to police, the SUV was running and unlocked.

Rivera, who does not have a car and was waiting at a nearby bus stop. Chicago‘s notorious windy winter weather has hit the teens within the last week, so a warm, running car looks like a glass of cold water in the summer at this point. Rivera decided that the cold was too much to bear and hopped in the vehicle and took it.

When the owner came out to see that their car was missing, they alerted the police. Just hours later Rivera was found in the stolen vehicle riding around with two other passengers just three blocks away.

When police caught Rivera and asked him why he stole the car, he reportedly told them it was because “it was too damn cold to wait at the bus stop.” Rivera has been charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle and could face three to seven years behind bars. Not sure if his “too damn cold” defense will hold up in court.

Photo: NBC News 5 Chicago