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Longtime NBA coach George Karl has left a string of disgruntled players in his wake. One player who caught stinging critiques in his new book, Furious George, is New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony. 

The book is out early next year, but the New York Post caught an early copy.

Reports the New York Post:

Karl coached Anthony from January 2005 to February 2011, when Anthony’s trade demand was heeded. Karl’s memoir will be out in January. In a review copy obtained by The Post, Karl hammered Anthony more harshly than he ever had in the past.

“Carmelo was a true conundrum for me in the six years I had him,” Karl wrote. “He was the best offensive player I ever coached. He was also a user of people, addicted to the spotlight and very unhappy when he had to share it.

“He really lit my fuse with his low demand of himself on defense. He had no commitment to the hard, dirty work of stopping the other guy. My ideal — probably every coach’s ideal — is when your best player is also your leader. But since Carmelo only played hard on one side of the ball, he made it plain he couldn’t lead the Nuggets, even though he said he wanted to. Coaching him meant working around his defense and compensating for his attitude.”

Karl also wrote: “The volume of questions about Carmelo eventually wore me down. Sometimes I got so sick of talking about him that I’d just throw up my hands and say: ‘I don’t know what he is and I don’t care.’ ”

But apparently Karl knew exactly what Anthony’s problem was. He allegedly lack of a father figure.

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.

Karl wrote Anthony “was such a talented kid,’’ he could’ve “become the best defender at his position in the NBA.’’

Referring to one reason Anthony sought greener pastures, Karl wrote they had “a little conflict bubbling.”

J.R. Smith, also caught the wrath, with Karl referring to his entourage as a “posse.”

George Karl is sounding hella salty, no?

We’d like to sit Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and DeMarcus Cousins in a room together and ask them what they think of George Karl. Oh yeah, Andrge Iguadoloa, who Karl called a “mole” for Mark Jackson, too.

Fair is fair.