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Lil B says that he is close to finally releasing his Black Ken mixtape. He also says it’s dedicated to Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

Lil B has been teasing fans with the release of Black Ken mixtape for more than five years now. Now, going into 2017, it looks as if he may be ready to share it with the world.

The “Based God” hopped on Twitter recently to tell fans that the mixtape is done and that he’s been driven to tears while listening to it. While he still hasn’t provided a release date, he insisted that it is “coming soon.”

This news piqued the interest of “Pharma Dude” Martin Shkreli. Shkreli is infamous for obtaining the manufacturing license for the HIV medication Daraprim and marking it up from $13 to $750 per pill. In Hip-Hop circles, he is known for buying the Wu-Tang Clan’s $2 million album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

When Shkreli asked “how can I cop,” B told him to hold tight and that he’ll reach out to him later.

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