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A new report is stating that Blacks living in Colorado are arrested and sent to prison more than any other racial group in the state, even though they are outnumbered.

Raw Story reports:

Despite comprising just 4.2 percent of the state’s population, blacks accounted for 12.4 percent of arrests and criminal summonses, according to the report by the Colorado Department of Public Safety…For the Colorado study, researchers combed through more than 325,000 arrests, summons, court filings and parole decision records to reach their conclusions.

The study found that while African-Americans were arrested at three times their proportion of the population, Latinos made up 23.3 percent of arrestees and whites 61.8 percent.

In the state’s district courts, blacks were sentenced to prison 24.9 percent of the time, compared with 16.9 percent of Latinos and 17.7 percent of whites.

Latinos comprise 22.2 percent of Colorado’s 5.4 million residents, while non-Hispanic whites make up 69.1 percent, according to the state demographer’s office.

The study also states that Blacks were usually arrested for violent offenses like aggravated assault, homicide, robbery and other weapons-related crimes. On top of that it showed that Blacks were more likely to be incarcerated at both the adult and juvenile level and they were less likely to receive parole.


Photo: AP