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Azealia Banks has been practicing witchcraft at home and showed the results of this by cleaning out her closet which contained dead chicken carcasses. 

As if we needed more proof that Azealia Banks was batsh*t crazy, she has provided the world with Exhibit X. The internet troll and sometimes recording artist took to her Instagram account to post stories of herself cleaning out a closet where she says she has been sacrificing chickens for at least three years.

She starts out showing herself wearing goggles talking about the “amount of crap” she is about to clean up. Of course, any normal human being would think that meant dirty clothes, shopping bags, old shoes, tattered hats, etc. But no, this is Azalea Banks we are talking about here folks.

The Harlem rapper proceeded to put the camera on a horrific scene of dried up blood and feathers splatter across the wall and floor of the closet. She then pulls out a sandblaster and gets to work.

“Real witches do real things,” she said. This may make any rapper think twice about getting into any beef with Banks, she clearly plays by a different set of rules.

If you would like to examine the proof of why this woman is avoided by people at all costs, keep reading.

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