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Michael B. Jordan went on social media earlier this week to extinguish rumors that he is gay.

In case you were busy minding your own damn business or spending time with your family on Christmas, a rumor came out saying that actor Michael B. Jordan was gay. Apparently, the rumor flames got high enough to reach Jordan himself who deemed it necessary to put them out via Instagram.

Jordan, who says he usually doesn’t entertain rumors, said “today I got time” and went on to tell people spreading the accusations to “grow up.” On a respect scale from “cool” to DMX, Jordan leans more towards the “cool” side as he was able get his point across without disrespecting the LGBT community or fighting explicit accusations that no one even made.

This isn’t the first time Jordan found himself in gay accusation territory. Earlier this year his friend and frequent collaborator, film director Ryan Coogler, appeared in a Vanity Fair photo where the two of them were in a brotherly pose, but many interpreted it to be something else.

Check out Jordan doing his best to keep his stock among the ladies as high as possible below.

Photo: Instagram