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The Yandy Smith and Erika D Love & Hip-Hop drama has once again gotten the social media sharks into a frenzy.

Last week we saw how the two women and their associates were trading barbs on their Instagram accounts due to Yandy Smith’s accusations that Erika D was a “slide” while proudly displaying her ring reminding everyone that she’s the literal wife of Mendeecee Harris.

But just when things seemed to have died down, on the latest episode of the VH1 series, Yandy Smith changed the locks on Erika and Mendeecee’s shared apartment even though her name isn’t on the lease. Yandy felt that being married to Mendeecee and him giving her power of attorney enabled her to pull the boss move and throw some salt in Erika’s wound.

But she wasn’t done. In a recent sit down for VH1, Yandy boasts that she’s “multidimensional. I’m Yandy in the corporate room. I can give you Oprah all day. At home I can give you Susie the homemaker. You mess with my family, you’re going to get Yandy from Grant Projects because that’s where she’s from and she’s going to give you what you give her.”

Of all those things she proudly claims to be, she apparently forgot to mention that she’s also a wife. Or did she? On the latest episode of LHHNY, Yandy low key admitted to not actually being married for fear of having to personally come out of pocket for Mendeecee’s legal slip-ups.

Once that little bit of information got out, an old video of Yandy bragging about her wife status got out and well, the Howard U. alum caught a bad one all over social media for fakin’ the funk.

Check out the reactions below and feel free to add your two cents to the situation.

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