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The fallout from gospel singer Kim Burrell’s homophobic rant continues as it’s being reported that her radio show, Bridging The Gap, has indeed been canceled.

According to Deadline, the show which isn’t even a year old has been removed from Texas Southern University’s KTSU-FM broadcast without so much as an explanation as to why (we all know though).

“The Kim Burrell Show is no longer airing as part of KTSU Radio programming” was the only thing the university had to say in a statement released to the press.

For those that aren’t familiar with the ordeal, Kim Burrell’s decline began when the pastor/gospel singer spoke on a “perverted homosexual spirit” that confuses men and women during her sermon at her Pentecostal church in Houston, TX.

Her words were recorded by someone in attendance and released for the public’s consumption. The backlash since has been swift and just.

Not only has social media been taking her to task for her comments, but celebrities have also condemned her homophobia. But before the cancelation of her radio show, the most devastating blow to her career might have been earlier this week when her much publicized appearance on Ellen was canceled.

Though she’s still yet to apologize for her stance on the LGBT community, that doesn’t mean her career is over just yet. From what we hear Donald Trump and his right wing friends are still looking for performers for Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony. Maybe, just maybe…

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