More Black-on-Black combat for your entertainment. Meek Mill has suggested that he and Drake duke it out once and for all and get you to pay for it.

With rappers getting bored with rapping and becoming more interested in fighting, this really comes as no surprise.

Meek Mill, who may still be nursing injuries from falling down his mother’s icy steps, has put it out there that he would fight his friend-turned-enemy Drake for a $5 million purse.

He made the suggestion in a Facebook live video post where he was in the gym, seemingly training for the pending battle.

In the video, Meek can be heard saying that would “break Drake the f*ck up.” He also think the fight could get up to $100 a ticket. To add a cherry on top, he says they could get his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj to be the ring girl.

We want to take this as a joke, but as we can see with the coming Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy fight that his being promoted by 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, anything can happen.

Here’s a preview of what Meek is capable of in the ring.

Photo: Screenshot

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